Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleepy Time...

Its was raining this morning when it was time for Rosie, Ginger and Cecil to eat breakfast so they ate inside this morning. They had to stay inside all day today because of the rain so I have their pen under a UVB lamp. After they were done eating I put them back into their pen and they each stayed above the moss for a bit. Cecil buried himself in the moss first, he was probably exhausted from eating so much this morning (he is always the last to finish eating). Rosie and Ginger sat on top of the moss all day basking in the "sun". They seem to be more active when they are under the UVB lamp rather than being outside. I love to watch them throughout the day when they are out of the moss because most of the time they sleep all day and all night.



Have a Happy and Blessed Day :)
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