Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Second Time Eating Today

I planted a hosta, cilantro and parsley

Ginger loves mango, look how she holds it with her feet:)

Rosie is deciding if she wants more

MMM....I love tomatoes!

It will fit in my mouth.......

Rosie, Ginger and Cecil are doing very well today. I was a bit concerned this morning because none of them ate very well. However this afternoon I gave them another bath and fed them the rest of their breakfast and they ate very well. I reconfigured their habitat and planted a hosta and some more cilantro and parsley. I put the plants on one side and I took everything else out, as it was not surviving well, and put a thicker layer of moss on the other side. I must admit that I did not "plant" the greens in the first habitat, I picked them off the host bush and placed them in there. I quickly realized that this didn't work and put extra coir in the bottom of the habitat and actually planted the hosta and herbs in the dirt.....o.k. I was honest about this so don't laugh!!!

This is a learning experience for all four of us (Rosie, Ginger, Cecil and myself), lol! I was so excited today when I started talking Rosie came out of the moss and looked at me so I picked her up and she let me rub her head and neck without being afraid and putting her head back in her shell. I think they are getting used to their new home and we are enjoying the process and loving them being here.

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  1. Lol, sorry, but this was funny.
    If you plant in coir, it will grow super well, actually Coir is the best growing medium for plants, because it holds moisture so well. I use it for most of my seedlings.
    The babies look so happy, which makes me of course happy too.

  2. I know, it was hilarious and most of my family got a kick out of it too!