Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fighting Over Food!

Mine, Mine, Mine!!
Cecil is once again the lone ranger...the last one eating

This morning the babies were in rare form. None of them wanted to soak in the bath at all and they were eager to get to their breakfast. Today they had mixed greens, mushroom, zucchini, carrots and optunia, nothing new was on their plate. They were actually taking the food out of each others mouths. You can see in the picture how close they are to one another, they got into those positions by themselves.

Chomp Chomp!

I saw it first!! Back up off my carrot...

We are starving and we can't get to the food fast enough!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleepy Time...

Its was raining this morning when it was time for Rosie, Ginger and Cecil to eat breakfast so they ate inside this morning. They had to stay inside all day today because of the rain so I have their pen under a UVB lamp. After they were done eating I put them back into their pen and they each stayed above the moss for a bit. Cecil buried himself in the moss first, he was probably exhausted from eating so much this morning (he is always the last to finish eating). Rosie and Ginger sat on top of the moss all day basking in the "sun". They seem to be more active when they are under the UVB lamp rather than being outside. I love to watch them throughout the day when they are out of the moss because most of the time they sleep all day and all night.



Have a Happy and Blessed Day :)
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This one didn't make it the last post.

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Feeling Better!!

It's official, the crisis is finally over. I felt much better yesterday but was still a bit cautious. However, today they all got up and were alert with their heads up and didn't seem a bit groggy. When I put them next to their breakfast they ate very well and ate almost all of their food! Rosie, Ginger and Cecil are definitely back to their normal selves and that is a blessing from God! I never in a million years thought that I would get so attached to three little tortoises but it has happened and I will do everything in my power to keep them healthy. I must give an enormous thank you to Gabby who walked me through this frightening ordeal. I have learned so much because of this and I guess as is most everything in is ALL a learning experience!

Rosie in her bath

Ginger in her bath

Cecil just chilling out

Eating Breakfast!!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

They Are Going To Be Alright!

After having extensive and lengthy email conversations with Gabby we have decided that they had the bubbles because they ate too much tomato. You see, tomato is mostly water and tortoises breathe while they eat, thus causing the bubbles coming out of their mouth. This has not happened since, their eyes are clear (not cloudy and they never were), they do not and have not had a "runny nose", Ginger has been active most of the day and they all three ate this morning as well as pooped and peed. These are picture I took of Ginger this morning. Praise God that they are all going to be alright!!

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Update On My Sick Babies.....

When I woke up this morning I had such anxiety over getting the babies up and ready for breafast. I was so afraid that they had gotten worse during the night. Ginger (at the bottom of the pic) and Cecil (in the middle) woke easily, had their bath and began eating right away, which is a great sign however they didn't eat with the same excitment as they usually do. Rosie (top) was buried deep in the coir and she wouldn't come out of her shell, this has never happened before. She continued to stay in her shell through bathtime and after her bath I put her next to their food. Rosie finally came out of her shell and began to eat. This morning they had only greens with their calcium powder, no fruits, tomatoes or veggies. I'm very happy and relieved that they did eat, their eyes are clear (not cloudy) and they did not have a runny nose or bubbles coming out of their mouth. Please continue to pray for them. We have an appointment with the vet at 2:00 and I will let you all know more when we get back home. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Babies......

The babies may be sick so I need you all to say a prayer. After they ate a treat today all three of them had bubbles coming out of their mouth. This is indicitive of a respritory infection which could kill them in a matter of days. They are going to the doctor tomorrow and they will be put on injectable antibiotics. There is a slight chance this happened because they ate tomatos which are full of water. I'm keeping a close eye on them and praying that they will be alright. I never thought I would get so intensly attached to these little guys but it has happened and now I am scared. Please just say a prayer for them. Thank you!

Bad Tomatos!!

They will NEVER have another tomato!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Into A Routine

Everyone is adjusting nicely and getting into a routine. When I get up at 7:00 Shai (my shih tzu) and I go for our morning walk, when we get home its time to take the babies outside and get them up. Then they get a warm bath, eat breakfast and quickle fall abck asleep. Around 3:00 after Peyton gets home from school they get another quick warm bath and a snack. We lay a blanket on the pool deck and give them their treat. Roesie, Ginger, Cecil, Peyton and I enjoy this time very much as it gives us a chance to get more aquainted and used to each other.

These pictures are from their breakfast yesterday morning except the last one of Rosie biting Peyton, she didnt hurt him but he did have her mango in the other hand!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Second Time Eating Today

I planted a hosta, cilantro and parsley

Ginger loves mango, look how she holds it with her feet:)

Rosie is deciding if she wants more

MMM....I love tomatoes!

It will fit in my mouth.......

Rosie, Ginger and Cecil are doing very well today. I was a bit concerned this morning because none of them ate very well. However this afternoon I gave them another bath and fed them the rest of their breakfast and they ate very well. I reconfigured their habitat and planted a hosta and some more cilantro and parsley. I put the plants on one side and I took everything else out, as it was not surviving well, and put a thicker layer of moss on the other side. I must admit that I did not "plant" the greens in the first habitat, I picked them off the host bush and placed them in there. I quickly realized that this didn't work and put extra coir in the bottom of the habitat and actually planted the hosta and herbs in the dirt.....o.k. I was honest about this so don't laugh!!!

This is a learning experience for all four of us (Rosie, Ginger, Cecil and myself), lol! I was so excited today when I started talking Rosie came out of the moss and looked at me so I picked her up and she let me rub her head and neck without being afraid and putting her head back in her shell. I think they are getting used to their new home and we are enjoying the process and loving them being here.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The First Day!

I was able to leave the babies outside from the time they arrived until now (3:00 pm) its thundering and about to rain. While they were outside I was careful to mist them every hour to make sure the humidity was high for them. They have been asleep since they ate this morning, if you look in their habitat you would think it was empty as all of them are buried in the moss.

Peyton got home from school and Brent and I were able to show him the tortoises, I cant tell you how excited he is to have them. He cant hardly concentrate on his homework thankfully he only has a little bit and will be done in a few minutes.

Stay tuned.......

Rosie, Ginger and Cecil Are Here!!!!

Ginger is finding a cozy spot to rest with a full belly
Rosie is headed toward to coleus

They ate like they were starving
Rosie and Cecil


Ginger on her tippy toes

Cecil is still eating after Rosie and Ginger were done
Bath time, Rosie couldn't get out fast enough. She must have known her food was right next to her.
Rosie, Cecil and Ginger arrived safely around 10:00am. All three ate a lot and for about 40 minutes. Cecil was eating for about 10 minutes after the girls were done. Rosie was the first one done with her breakfast and after looking around a bit she found her spot under a coleus plant. Gabby shared with me that is where Rosie slept at her home as well. Rosie was very intrested in exploring her habitat and Ginger seemed a little moe timid. Cecil ate and then quickly went to sleep not even moving from the place I sat him in his habitat. We are so excited to add these tortoises to our family and I'm sure this will be a learning process for all of us. I will keep you posted on their progress and ours in learning to care for them. Im sure we will have a lot of adventures to share!

I'm Up And Waiting For The Babies

I have been reading Gabbys blog as she is tracking the babies and keeping us updated as to where they are. It looks like they have arrived in Jacksonville already. Gabby set it up with UPS for them to be delivered between 8:00am and 10:00am. I really hope they are on time.

We have a warm bath and a delicious breakfast waiting for them when they arrive!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Babies Are On Their Way....

Gabby shared with me that the babies were picked up by UPS around 6:00pm our time. Please say a prayer for each of them that they arrive safely to our home. It is scary to think about how people handle packages not even knowing what is inside. Gabby did a fabulous job noting on the box that it was fragile and to not turn it upside down but I am asking for you to say a prayer that they arrive in Saint Marys healthy tomorrow morning.

I can not believe how incredibly attached I have become to each of them.

Thank you....

Pictures Of The Babies From This Morning!

Look at that precious face, Rosie is really hungry
Ginger is going to her hiding spot to rest with a full belly

Ginger is munching away on a healthy breakfast

Cecil eating his breakfast...Yummy carrots

Cecil going to bury himself in the moss after breakfast

Gabby posted these pictures of Rosie, Ginger and Cecils last day with her. We feel so blessed that she chose us as the best family for these sweet babies.

Thanks Again Gabby!!!